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Festival Highlights

X Earth Harp | William Close (USA)
Featuring ZingO (SG), The 7 Sopranos (AUS) & Phoenix (AU)
William Close featuring The 7 Sopranos and ZingO | Fri 22 & Sat 23 Aug
William Close featuring Phoenix | Fri 29 & Sat 30 Aug
National Museum of Singapore, Front Lawn Read More

Images(clockwise) courtesy of William Close, The 7 Sopranos, Phoenix and ZingO

A collaboration across continents, this performance features never-before-seen musical partnerships between international artists, William Close (United States), The 7 Sopranos (Australia) and Singapore’s very own trailblazing drum group ZingO. In this headline act of the Singapore Night Festival 2014, Close will transform the façade of the National Museum into a giant “Earth Harp”, a larger-than-life musical instrument on which he runs his hands along to create spell-binding melodies. Together with the sultry serenades of all-female operatic-crossover artists, The 7 Sopranos and the addictive, heart-thumping beats of local drum group ZingO, this groundbreaking spectacle combining amazing visuals and music is not to be missed.

Get ready for an extravaganza of jaw-dropping acrobatics, pyrotechnics and music in this special collaboration between William Close and Austrian-based collective, Phoenix. A show like no other, Phoenix’s fiery and gravity-defying performances will be accompanied by William Close’s “Earth Harp” that transforms the museum into a giant instrument. Try not to blink as Phoenix’s artistes traverse high up in the air for an aerial dance, or light up the night sky with their intricate pyrotechnic displays.

*These performances are specially commissioned for the Singapore Night Festival 2014.

X Follies for É Birds | The Arts Fission Company (SG) Fri 22 & Sat 23 Aug | Fri 29 & Sat 30 Aug
National Museum of Singapore, Fashion Gallery
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Image courtesy of The ARTS FISSION Company

Step into a magical world where agile performers called the "kinnaree" – half-human half-bird creatures dance inside showcases and play with a whimsical plethora of movable art installations, called “follies”, for their sheer amusement.

Transforming the iconic Fashion Gallery of the National Museum into a roosting place for migratory birds, The ARTS FISSION Company presents a site-specific contemporary dance choreographed to tickle the senses of the young and old. This intricate act with an environmental message, put on by both professional and child performers, is set against a backdrop of live music on dramatic soundscapes.

The poetic performance invites the roaming visitors to contemplate on the loss of natural habitats and personal space due to rapid urban development. Amidst our increasingly crowded city, the performance gives the visitors a temporary sanctuary to re-discover the small wonders and beauty in everyday life.

X Night Lights Fri 22 to Sat 30 Aug
Bras Basah.Bugis Precinct (Festival Grounds)
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Images (clockwise) courtesy of Clément Briend, SUTD and WECOMEINPEACE

Night Lights returns as part of Singapore Night Festival 2014, doubling in scale with light artworks by both local and foreign artists. This year, we pay tribute to the power of nature and the creation of light. Chance upon secret gardens of light as you make your way through the festival grounds! Escape from our concrete jungle into magical forests transformed by light and sound, tickling your senses in the beauty of the night. Be it a glow-in-the-dark enchanted garden beaming in the moonlight, a colossal jellyfish-inspired artwork swaying to the wind, or towering heads of mystical beings manifesting themselves before an unsuspecting crowd, a surprise awaits at every corner.

X Block Party Fri 22 & Sat 23 Aug | Fri 29 & Sat 30 Aug
Armenian Street
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Images (left to right) courtesy of Singapore Pro Wrestling, New Stream Brass Band and Fat Kids are Harder to Kidnap

Throw out all other agendas for the night and party till late! At the Singapore Night Festival’s first-ever Block Party, festival-goers will be spoilt for choice with a plethora of dedicated programming along the historic stretch of Armenian Street. Brought to you by the kind folks of the Armenian Street community (The Peranakan Museum, The Substation and Timbre @ The Substation), Block Party will be the space for a wild night of eclectic fun. On both weekends, look out for roving performers “spreading the love” or dance along to the groovy rhythms of Brass Nation and the New Stream Brass Band. Be it variety shows, live indie music sets or even wrestling matches – it’s all happening at Armenian Street!

X Festival Village Fri 22 & Sat 23 Aug | Fri 29 & Sat 30 Aug
Cathay Green
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For visualisation purposes only. Images courtesy of Satire Singapore Pte. Ltd.

A new feature of this year’s Singapore Night Festival, the Festival Village at Cathay Green is a dedicated zone for festival-goers to eat, drink and be merry. Rest your tired legs at the chill-out area or recap a fun night in a relaxed yet fun-filled atmosphere. At this specially programmed space, festival-goers can shop for bargains at a flea market, hang out with friends and loved ones over a wide selection of beer and ciders, and cheer on local talent at the many band performances and short film screenings. They can even take the stage themselves at special open mic sessions!