Venue: Japanese Creative Centre

The central theme of paradox relates to the way Dr Iskandar Jalil's practice and philosophies feature paradoxical values and observations. The paradox refers to an apparent contradiction that appears intriguing, even absurb but which challenge us to think and appreciate certain wisdoms. 

In much of Dr Iskandar Jalil's works, the Master Potter would emphasise that sometimes, in ceramics aesthetics 'less is more', that there is power in the small or beauty in deformity, and that the test of a master potter lies not in complicated, monumental pieces but in the simplicity of the little chawan (tea bowl).

The exhibition is further developed in three segments, "Beyond borders", "Perfect flaws", "Same difference", that elaborate on this core concept in relation to Dr Iskandar Jalil's travel, his philosophy, and his relationships. The three segments also play on the same idea of paradox. "Perfect flaws" for instance is a contradictory phrase that captures the approach in Dr Iskandar Jalil's practice where he allows certain imperfections or 'flaws' to be retained to enable the natural character of the clay and kiln process to come through.

This exhibition will feature for the first time, the curatorial contribution and writings of Dr Iskandar Jalil's daughter Ms Elena Iskandar, who will furnish fresh perspectives on the Master Potter. She illuminates his philosophy by sharing how Dr Iskandar Jalil's philosophies are manifested in his life, his relationships and his vessels.

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